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Conception consultation

The aim of conception consultation hour is to have you go into your pregnancy as healthy as possible. The time just before the pregnancy and the first few months of the pregnancy are of far more influence than was previously thought. The health and lifestyle of both parents can influence the pregnancy and the baby’s health. This is why more and more women (and their partners) make use of our conception consultation hour. This is a conversation with a midwife about conceiving and being pregnant. During the conception consultation hour we will discuss the following topics with you:

  • Fertility, sexuality and parenthood;
  • History and lifestyle;
  • Folic acid advice after stopping contraception ;
  • Possibilities of a prenatal exam;
  • Work and pregnancy;
  • The obstetric system in The Netherlands.

So, during the conception consultation hour you will receive important information regarding conceiving and being pregnant. We will also answer your specific questions. If necessary you can already start changing your lifestyle, or be examined beforehand. Conception consultation hour will take about 45 minutes and will be paid by your insurance.

While you are pregnant

First appointment
The first time you visit our practice, you will have an intake consultation for about one hour. We find it very important to have enough time to get to know you, and your partner when this is possible. We would like to know what being pregnant means to you, about your health in general, and what your wishes and hopes are for the remainder of your pregnancy. We will also give you information about the various prenatal screenings, should you wish this, about blood screenings and the ultrasound scans.

Follow-up appointments
you will have 12 check-up appointments on average. During the 30-minute follow-up appointments, we give information about het health and practical stuff and we will answer your questions. We will give you tips to prevent and reduce potential pregnancy complaints or complications, we check your blood pressure and, of course, how the baby is growing.

We don’t make the ultrasound ourselves but we work with an ultrasound practice. They come to our practice once a week, other days of the week you can visit them in Zaandam. If you prefer another place to get your ultrasounds that’s also possible. Highly qualified, experienced and friendly sonographers take the time to thoroughly examine your baby on high-quality ultrasound devices.

Health insurance companies cover at least two ultrasound scans: the due date scan and the 20-week scan. In addition, all additional scan carried out at the request of the midwives, for instance when we have doubts about the growth or position of your baby, are also be covered by your health insurer.

Many pregnant women like to see their baby at an earlier stage in their pregnancy. For example, to see if it is a boy or girl (around 16 weeks), and/or later on in the pregnancy to have a comprehensive 3D scan. All pregnant women are free to have as many scans as they wish, however, health care insurers do not reimburse such scans so will be at your own expense. The rates of the various scan can be found on the website of the ultrasound practice.

The gynaecologist
In the event of a complication, you will be referred to the gynaecologist or another specialist. In consultation with this specialist, a decision will be made about which care policy should be followed. In many cases, if everything appears to be going well, you will be referred back to us again. Even if you are under the supervision of the gynaecologist for a while, we will stay in touch with you.

Your wishes regarding birth

We think it is very important that your child’s birth transpires as safely and smoothly as possible – also for you and your partner. You can help make things go smoother by following a childbirth course, for example, and / or reading books.

We are open to all of your wishes. Some women want more people in addition to the partner to be present for the birth. Others prefer to give birth using a birth stool or chair. Fathers sometimes want to help in the delivery. If you are worried about the delivery or have any wishes regarding pain relief, you can always contact us.

To create the best possible circumstances for the delivery, it’s important to have confidence in yourself, your partner and in your midwives. You can always review the choice of place of birth.

After the delivery

The postpartum period is an important time in which to restore after pregnancy and childbirth. It can also be quite rough due to pain caused by sutures. After childbirth, our midwives regularly visit your home for checkups. Together with you and the maternity nurse we discuss certain subjects, such as breastfeeding, the baby’s temperature, urine and stool of mother and child, possibly check your sutures, etc.

If you have any problems with your child or yourself, please contact us by phone. Don’t contact the GP, as they will only resume care after maternity care has been completed, usually about nine to ten days after childbirth.

If you come home from a hospital delivery, you may call us the same day to plan your maternity care. You must also inform maternity care that you have delivered your baby so that they can call a maternity nurse timely.

After the postpartum period ends, we will transfer your baby to the consultation office. They monitor the growth and development of your child and organize the vaccinations. Six weeks after delivery you can make an appointment for a final checkup at our practice.

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