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If you would like to contact your midwife, you can always do so! Our service numbers are available 24/7 for questions and complaints that cannot wait.

During the day you can call us for everything, we do not have an assistant so you will always get us on the phone yourself. If we have a day off we switch the phone to each other so you always call the phone number of your own midwife, this is taken by the midwife who is on duty.
If you would like to contact your own midwife and if it is not urgent, we recommend that you send us an email and we will call you back yourself. You can also register online, we’ll call you back within 2 working days.

Danique Koeman
Call: 06 – 1509 1139

Jacqueline Chin ten Fung – Woonings
Call06 – 1833 4180

Anja van Laere
not urgent phone: 06 – 2092 5272
Call06 – 1249 5780

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